Arista Warrior: Arista Products with a Focus on EOS


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Arista Networks has become a key player in software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center, storage, and computing environments, and is poised to make an impact in other areas as well. In this updated edition, renowned trainer, consultant, and technical author Gary A. Donahue (Network Warrior) provides an in-depth, objective guide to Arista’s products. You’ll learn why the company’s network switches, software products, and Extensible Operating System (EOS) are so effective.

Anyone who has or is pursuing networking certification (especially Arista’s own!) or who is just curious about why Arista is better will benefit from this book, especially entrenched administrators, engineers, or architects tasked with building an Arista network. Pick up this in-depth guide and find out how Arista can help both you and your company.

Topics in the second edition include:

  • Configuration Management: config sessions, config replace, and config checkpoints
  • CloudVision: Arista’s management, workload orchestration, workflow automation, and configuration tool
  • VXLAN: Layer 2 overlay networking
  • FlexRoute: two million routes in hardware
  • Tap Aggregation: make your switch or blade into a Tap Aggregation device
  • Advanced Mirroring: mirror to a port-channel or even the CPU
  • eAPI: Arista’s fabulous extended Application Programmable Interface

From the Publisher

OReilly Media Inc.OReilly Media Inc.

Arista, EOS, networkingArista, EOS, networking

From the Preface

This book is not an Arista manual. I will not go into the details of every permutation of every command, nor will I go into painful detail of default timers or counters or priorities or any of that boring stuff. The purpose of this book is to get you up and running with an Arista switch, or even a data center full of them. What’s more, this book aims to explain Arista-specific features in great detail; however, it might not go into such detail on other topics such as explaining VLANs, routers, and how to configure NTP, because I’ve covered those topics at length in Network Warrior. I will go into detail if a topic is being introduced here that wasn’t covered in Network Warrior, such as Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) or Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Where possible, I have concentrated on what makes Arista switches great. In short, if you want to learn about networking, pick up Network Warrior.

If you want to know why Arista is stealing market share from all of the other networking equipment vendors (and continues to do so six years after the first edition was published), buy this book.

This book is intended for use by anyone familiar with networking from any vendor’s environment, but most likely from one with that industry-standard command-line interface (CLI) we all know, who is interested in learning more about Arista switches.

arista, EOS, networkingarista, EOS, networking

Anyone with entry-level networking certification (or greater) knowledge should benefit from this book, but the person who will get the most from this book is the entrenched admin, engineer, or architect who has been tasked with building an Arista network. My goal in writing Arista Warrior is to explain complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. I’ve taught many classes on Arista switches, and I see trepidation and fear of the unknown in students when the class begins. By the end of the class, I have students asking when the next class will be available and if I can get them Arista T-shirts. In the first printing of this book, I commented that I couldn’t get shirts. Now that I work for Arista, I can tell you that if you take one of my classes, you might get a T-shirt! I hope you will find this book similarly informative, lack of free vendor swag notwithstanding.

As I wrote in Network Warrior, I’ve noticed over the years that people in the computer, networking, & telecom industries are often misinformed about the basics of these disciplines. I believe that in many cases, this is the result of poor teaching or the use of reference material that does not convey complex concepts well. With this book, I hope to show people how easy some of these concepts are.

Of course, as I like to say, “It’s easy when you know how,” so I have tried very hard to help anyone who picks up my book understand the ideas contained herein.

OReilly MediaOReilly Media


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Publisher‏:‎O’Reilly Media; 2nd edition (July 12, 2019)
Paperback‏:‎572 pages
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Dimensions‏:‎7 x 1.16 x 9.19 inches

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Arista Warrior: Arista Products with a Focus on EOS

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